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The applet requires Java 5 or higher. Java must be enabled in your browser settings. Mac users must have Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. Windows and Linux users may obtain the latest Java from Oracle's Java site.

In order for this to work, this file and the file HubNet.jar must be in the same directory. (You can copy HubNet.jar from the directory where you installed NetLogo.)

On some systems, you can test the applet locally on your computer before uploading it to a web server. It doesn't work on all systems, though, so if it doesn't work from your hard drive, please try uploading it to a web server.

You don't need to include everything in this file in your page. If you want, you can just take the HTML code beginning with <applet> and ending with </applet>, and paste it into any HTML file you want. It's even OK to put multiple <applet> tags on a single page.

If HubNet.jar is in a different directory you must modify the archive= line in the HTML code to point to its actual location. (For example, if you have multiple applets in different directories on the same web server, you may want to put a single copy of HubNet.jar in one central place and change the archive= lines of all the HTML files to point to that one central copy. This will save disk space for you and download time for your users.)

To run this activity you must run the server in NetLogo on the same server that you are hosting the webpage. This webpage must be accessible to the webserver user. To login users should navigate to this webpage and enter a user name and the port as displayed in the HubNet Control Center.

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